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About Us

Calgary Vending Solutions specializes in providing all types of businesses with custom vending solutions based on individual needs. We supply efficient, dependable, hassle-free vending machines that offer your staff and customers reasonably priced, satisfying, brand name products. Our machines dispense all types of products such as chips, bars, cold drinks, ice-cream and frozen meal solutions.

At Calgary Vending Solutions we believe every customer is different. Offices, retail stores, factories, schools and clubs all have different needs. Through extensive research in market trends, staff surveys, and metered machines that track sales, Calgary Vending Solutions will create a custom-designed program that conforms to your company's specific needs and preferences. Whether your goal is to provide convenience, generate income or simply boost morale, Calgary Vending Solutions will devise a partnership package that suits your situation.

Reasonable Prices and No Contracts! Calgary Vending Solution's goal since day one has been to provide reasonably priced products to all of our end users. Although your customers and employees appreciate the convenience of our machines, they'll appreciate our reasonable prices even more! We also do not 'lock you in' with any type of contract. Our philosophy is to keep your business with our service!

We look forward to serving you! Please contact us with your vending needs.


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