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Frequently asked questions

Q :    How much will it cost to have Calgary Vending Solutions install and maintain our vending service?
The installation and ongoing service/maintenance of the machine is absolutely free of charge. The only cost that you incur is a very small electricity charge per month to run the machine. Do note that we require your business or customer traffic meet our criteria for a machine.
Q :    Why would I want vending machines when there are places for my employees to shop close to my facility?
When employees have everything they need in the office there is no need for them to leave and will thereby be more productive during the workday.
Q :    What kind of commitment do I have to make in order to get machines installed?
In most cases no commitment at all! We hope to keep you business with our service, not with a contract. However if you require a large number of unique machines we may request a minimum time commitment but these situations are rare.
Q :    How often will you service the machines?
We will service the vending machines as often as required to maintain optimal product levels. The recommended service level will vary by the related sales activity at your location.
Q :    What if I want to include healthier choices of snacks and beverages in the machine?
Healthier snacks and beverages are available upon request. You can customize all or some of the items in the machine.
Q :    What happens if a machine needs servicing?
Call us at 403-910-0731 and a factory trained technician will be onsite within 24 hours.
Q :    Recycling – what do we do with the empties?
We can provide you with a recycling bin and take away empties for you or you can collect them. Be sure to let us know your wishes and we can accommodate you accordingly.
Q :    What if my machines are break down?
Calgary Vending Solutions assumes all responsibility for replacement parts and repairs for our equipment.
Q :    Is vending allowed in public schools?
Absolutely! In fact, Calgary Vending Solutions has program in place for schools using juices, water, milk and healthy snacks.
Q :    Is there a commission program offered?
Calgary Vending Solutions can tailor program to give our customers the choice of very reasonable vending prices with no commission or moderate pricing with commissions.
Q :    How much money can my facility expect to make on a monthly basis?
It varies. The amount of revenue generated depends upon the location within your facility, the number of machines you have, and the commission structure that you elect.
Q :    How long before we can get our new vending machine in place?
When you contact us, we can schedule a short meeting to discuss your needs and options available. Depending on availability service can be initiated on your location in as little as 10 days.

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