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Following is a summary of the different types of vending options we currently offer:


Free Vending – Some companies like to offer their employees free beverages and snacks. Calgary Vending Solutions can provide beverage coolers and keep them stocked, billing the company for all products delivered. We can also provide a partial free program where some beverages are free, while others are available through traditional vending machines.


Subsidized Vending – This option is extremely popular. Calgary Vending Solutions will place traditional vending machines and all (or some) of the products may be subsidized by the company. An example is offering sodas and chips at $0.50 each. Calgary Vending Solutions will then bill the company for the difference.


Traditional Vending – Calgary Vending Solutions (in most cases) will provide vending machines free of charge and employees can purchase products at prices similar to convenience stores. Larger offices can have machines that accept bills and even credit/debit cards.




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