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We carry the same basics as everyone else, BUT our variety and unique products set us apart!



At Calgary Vending Solutions we carry all the big brand snacks that customers know and love.  From Old Dutch Salt’n Vinegar chips to Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, we offer carry all the top selling flavors. However it’s our unique products that set us apart.  View the below images to see some of the products that you probably won’t find at other vending companies.




Calgary Vending Solutions only uses Dixie glass front vending machines for stand-alone drink machines.  These machines offer the largest variety of drinks available and we are not restricted to any one brand.  A typical machine will vending all the major Coke and Pepsi flavors as well as a variety of juice, milk, water, and specialty drinks. Examples of our more unique drinks include Welch’s grape juice, San Pellegrino, Pom Wonderful, and more. Please email us for a complete list of available drinks.